2010. december 7., kedd

Hyper Crush – Kick Us Out (Hyper Crush Remix)

Aztán egy nagy kedvenc, a Hyper Crush ismét átgondolta egyik saját számát, bár az eredetit nem hallottam, ez tuti h pörögni fog még a bulijainkon is!

I think that track listing is right, they sent over this tune, and didn’t say who Hyper Crush was remixing so…. I’ll just review this tune under the assumption that I’m right;
Over sexed and over-stated, Hyper Crush is letting this banger explode through the blogs like a Sour-Patch-Kid laced with MDMA. I can see myself dropping this in a DJ set if the kids are neon enough. Plus, if they are sweating profusely, why wouldn’t I drop something like this? My suggestion is to cue it around the 2 minute mark, as the auto-tuned vocals kind of annoy me.
Normally I might suggest skipping this track all together, but it fits with the Manalgoue credo “Neon Dance Party wumph wumph”

   Kick Us Out (HYPER CRUSH REMIX) by Hyper Crush

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