2010. december 7., kedd


Aztán jöhet a horzsolás, Drivepilot trekkjeinek tükrében!

Need a little heavy metal up your ass to get you going today? Drivepilot is just the guy to give it to you. Put on his remix of Sna-Fu's "Firefriend", wait :30 for the gnarly metal riff, wait another :30 to get pumped up from said riff, then, at the one minute mark, destroy everyone in your path. Punch a co-worker (I know you want to), headbutt a classmate, tackle an unsuspecting passer-by...it's time to get fired up.

   Sna-Fu - Firefriend (Drivepilot Remix) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

   Drivepilot - Bloody Knuckles by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

   Drivepilot - Invaders by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

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