2011. március 9., szerda

Dublic RIPEcast Mix

Aztán következik a Dublic új mixe.. melyhez nem is szaporítanám a szót, aki akarja olvassa el ezt:

Exclusive RIPEcast mix (San Fransisco)
Thanks the RIPEcast artwork for Jem Panufni / Fingerlickin /

Earlier this week our pal Elite Force, recently dubbed the world’s Top Breakbeat producer by Breakspoll, had this to say about the state of the genre, “It's been a year when Breaks has bounced back. There have been far too many people bashing it as a genre and deriding it, but last year it was strong, and this year it will be stronger as more new talent is nurtured and they hone their skills, and as more of the old guard of refuseniks return to the fold.”

"Of course this is music to the ears of those of us in the Cowboy clan who are fans of the broken beat. And it’s only appropriate that we echo Shack’s sentiments this week by featuring an up-and-coming talent in the world of breakbeat, the Dublic twins (a.k.a. Gergely and Gábor Tóth) from Budapest. Thanks to the modern miracles of Facebook and SoundCloud our man, Zach Moore, became pen pals with one half of Dublic, Gábor, several months ago and this week we're happy to be welcoming the twins to the RIPEcast.
As you'll soon appreciate from this bangin', 58-minute RIPEcast exclusive mix, Dublic play a wide range of new wave Breaks, Electro, Dubstep and House with a hip-hop and funk flavor. They're known for their greasy re-edits and re-rubs (of which there are no less than eight in this mix!) and their hugely-popular mix series entitled ‘Next Episode’, which is dedicated to introducing the freshest trends in the underground electronic music scene (all three volumes of the 'Next Episode' series are available for free at Dublic's SoundCloud page: Dublic). And along with fellow DJ/producer Wondawulf, the Dublic twins throw one of the hottest underground parties in Hungary, 'FutureMusic', which brings the newest styles and trends in dance music to Budapest.

Gergely and Gábor started spinning only five years ago and an even more-recent foray into the studio has produced dozens of tight re-edits and re-rubs which have already found their way into the sets of some of the biggest names in the international scene including our friend and Breakspoll's top Breaks DJ, Krafty Kuts, Lady Waks, KouncilHouse and the legendary Hungarian DJ, Palotai, among others. And be on the look out for a series of Dublic originals in the very near future, which are sure to be just as good as their re-rubs!
Many thanks to Dublic from The Space Cowboys for taking the time to put together this fantastic RIPEcast exclusive mix! Enjoy Boys and Girls!"

Track List
1. PERUZ & SALA & TAKESHI KUROSAWA - Electro Spin (Dublic ’Intro’ Edit)
2. PLUMP DJS - Boomer (Punk Rolla Remix)
3. WOLFGANG GARTNER - Space Junk (Datadex ReRub)(Dublic Edit)
4. MILES DYSON - i-Tune (Dublic ReRub)
5. AUTOEROTIQUE - Turn Up The Volume (Dublic ReRub)
6. VIRUS SYNDICATE, MICKY SLIM - Skank Out (Acapella)
7. M.I.A. - Internet Connection (Stanton Warriors Remix)
8. PLUMP DJS - Light Fantastic (Will Bailey Remix)
9. BLACK EYED PEAS - The Time (Stanton Warriors Remix)
10. PEACE TREATY, KISSED WITH A NOISE - Cal State Anthem (Cold Blank Remix - Dublic Rerub)
11. BOMBS AWAY - Swagger (Rocket Pimp Mix – Dublic ReRub)
12. CRYSTAL FIGHTERS - Swallow (Angger Dimas Dubstep Remix)
13. DARTH & VADER - Luke Sky Tampa (Dublic ReRub)
14. KRAFTY KUTS - Let’s go Let’s Ride (Tim Healey Remix)
14. KRAFTY KUTS - Let's go Let's ride (Ado Remix)
15. TAI - Big Bass Drum (Bart B More Remix)
16. ADO - Multiply Me (Dublic Edit)
18. DIPLO, TIESTO, ADAM FREELAND - C'mon We Want (Dublic Refix)
19. DIPLO, TIESTO, BUSTA RHYMES - C'mon (Jakwob Remix)
20. HER MAJESTY & THE WOLVES - Glaciers (Roksonix Remix)
21. OBLIVION - Armageddon
22. ABOVE & BEYOND - Can’t Sleep (Kill Paris Remix)
23. CALVERTRON, TIM HEALEY - Rock it Roll it (Dirtyloud Remix)
24. DEPONE, SONWAH FRESH - Immortal Machine
25. CYPRESS HILL & RONI SIZE - Child of the Wild West (Funtcase Remix)
26. CASSIUS - I Love U So (Skream Remix)

  Dublic RIPEcast Mix by Dublic 

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