2011. március 1., kedd

Combichrist - Throat Full Of Glass (Computer Club dub remix)

Ez a trekk pedig.. fúú.. alig várom, hogy megjelenjen, nagyon ottvan!

Back in the days I used to love Combichrist. Albums like ‘Everybody Hates You’ and ‘The Joy Of Gunz’ totally spoke to me with it’s raw mixture of electro, Industrial and EBM that just felt so hard. But later… I grew up.
I guess that at least, since I got so tired of that whole thing. So I found it a bit funny when my man Mike aka Computer Club had done a remix for Combichrist and I loved it. But seconds later I found a dubversion of the remix and it’s just ten times better. Guess I have no love for Combi’s singing at all now a days. But again, the remix Mike delivered is just waaaaay off the hook. Hear it out, but we do warn for some bad-ass electro wobble that isn’t for the faint-hearted.
Make sure to pick up this gem March 4th! But if you want more Computer Club, then you better pick up his latest remix he did for Hot Pink Delorean which was released a few days ago. Buy it here, and make sure to pick up all of the tracks!

   Combichrist - Throat Full Of Glass (Computer Club dub remix) by ComputerClub

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