2011. február 13., vasárnap

Play Me Thank You Mix by Reid Speed

Háhá, vicceltem, hiszen face-n találtam egy új mixet, ami dubstep is meg tölthető is és emellett még durva zenék is vannak benne.... szal muszáj volt ezt is kiposztolnom :)

Play Me Records and Play Me Too want you to know how much we love and appreciate everyone who's gone mad for our bass, supported us and brought us to dizzying new heights over this past year. We couldn't have achieved any of our success without all of you and the love of your earpussies, so in return I wanted to make something special just for you. Without further ado...

PLAY ME- THANK YOU! (Mixed by Reid Speed)

1. Evol Intent - Paradize City (Evol Intent Recs)
2. Chase & Status feat. Tempa T. - Hypest Hype
3. The Cataracts - Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix)
4. Dr. P - Black Books (Circus)
5. T. Vicious - Ouch (Play Me Too)
6. Far Too Loud - Start The Party (Specimen A Remix) (Funkatech)
7. Deekline & Ed Solo - Lo Rider (Eddie K Remix) (Sludge)
8. Liquid Stranger vs. Sluggo - Stalkers
9. Hulk feat. Conscious Pilot - The Sybian (Play Me Records)
10. Asking Alexandria - A Single Moment of Sincerity (Bare Rmx)
11. J. Rabbit - Ninja Step (Play Me Records)
12. Flinch - Torn Apart
13. Julissa Veloz - Predator (HavocNdeeD Remix)
14. Total Recall - Juggernaut (Play Me Too)
15. 501 - Somewhere In Time (High Rankin Remix) (Suicide Dub)
16. Hot Pink Delorean - Muppet Bar Fight
17. Troublegum-Blue Steel (Future Perfect)
18. Munk - Down In LA (Fantastadon Remix)
*3 6 Mafia - Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth (Bird Peterson Remix)
19. Adam Taal - OK WOW (Flinch Remix)
20. F3tch & Davr - Rawness (Play Me Too)
21. Orbatak - Ganja (Liquid Stranger's 420 Mix)
21. Rack & Ruin - Dazed & Confused (SKisM Remix)
23. Davr - Bass Slinger (Play Me Too)
24. FS - Shake Dat Ass
25. Brandon Miles - Bang Your Congos (Milled Pavement)
26. Don Diablo feat Dragonette - Animale (Datsik Remix) (Ego)
27. Cyberoptics - Boot Camp (Play Me Records)
28. High Rankin & Evolve or Die feat. Wizard Sleeve - Lockdown (Suicide Dub)
29. Torqux - Indigo (Wicky Lindows)
30. Laid Blak - Red (Chasing Shadows Remix) (Hench)
31. The Unik - Into (Play Me Records)
32. Document 1- Forgive Me (Heist Remix 140 Edit)
33. Zed's Dead - Rudeboy (San City High)
34. Dillon Francis & Cory Enemy - I Love You
35. Ed Solo & Deekline - Blow Out (Sludge)
36. Robyn- Dancehall Queen (Dillon Francis Remix) (Mad Decent)
37. NumberNin6 - Not This Time (Play Me Records)
38. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Zed's Dead Remix)
39. DKnow feat. Cassie - How Does it Feel (Vampire Dub) (Play Me Records)
40. Obsidian feat. Messinian - City of Dreams (Play Me Too)

   Play Me Thank You Mix by Reid Speed by Play Me Records

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