2011. február 25., péntek

Dj Topo ...

You don't need no sleep. You don't need no remedies. There is someone to bring you a tray with smooth vibrations of sound to enhance your visions, while you're out for the count, but your feet are still stepping to the beat and electronic waves travel through your membrane to revive your soul.
The only thing that is smoking is the fiery sounds of electronic grooves. Check this out! -Dj. Topo...

Kellemes hangzás, finom dallamok... lehet hallgatni kérem szépen!

  Dj Topo @ Bed And Breakfast(Protonradio) by djt0p0

  Topo @ Citrus(Proton Radio) by djt0p0

  DJ Topo Presents Active Brand 018(Insomniafm.com) by djt0p0

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