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Retro Grade – Essential Mix – 08.01.2011

Aztán a legújabb Essential mixxel zárnék reggelre, Retro Grade. ENJOY!

Retro Grade – Essential Mix – 08.01.2011


Vangelis — Albedo 0.39 [RCA]
Vangelis — Spiral [RCA]
Jimmy Bo — Sspank (SS Afica Dub) [Streetheat]
Nitro Deluxe — Letss Get Burtal (Ssuk Edit) [Cutting Records]
Roxy Music — Angel Eyes (Drum Dub) [Polydor]
Animotion — Obsession (RGEM Edit) [Mercury]
Gwen Guthrie — Seventh Heaven (Keys) [4th & Broadway]
Gonzalez — Haven't Stopped Dancing (Conga Break Edit) [EMI]
Ecstasy, Passion & Pain — Touch & Go (RGEM Edit) [Roulette Records]
Anthony & The Camp — What I Like (RGEM Dub Version Edit) [Warner Bros]
Checko — Firelight (RGEM Edit) [Eyes]
Wired — To The Beat Of The Drum (Intro) [Underworld Records]
Carrie Lucas — Dance With You (RGEM Edit) [Solar]
Wired — To The Beat Of The Drum (On The Burn) [Underworld Records]
Raven Maize — Forever Together [Quark]
Fun Fun — Happy Station (Keys) [Polydor]
Lime — On The Grid (Remix Dub) [Prism]
Chic — I Want You Love [Atlantic]
Moodymann — I Cant Kick This Feeling When It Hits [Planet E]
Patrick Cowley — Mindwarp [Megatone Records]
Vocal — I Am A Computer
Dharma — Plastic Poll (Remix Instrumental) [System Music]
Táta Vega — Get It Up For Love (RGEM Edit) [Motown]
Bicep — Darwin (Retro/Grade Edit) [Throne Of Blood]
Stevie Nicks — Stand Back (Extended Mix Edit) [Modern Records]
Paul Parker — Don’t Play With Fire (SSUK- Edit) [Fantasia]
Vocal — Come With Me
Vocal — Dont Go Away
The Todd Terry Project — Just Wanna Dance [Fresh Records]
Retro/Grade — Moda (Radio Edit RGEM Bootlegg) [Deconstruction]
The Todd Terry Project — Just Wanna Dance (Repise) [Fresh Records]
Methusalem — Robotism [Ariola]
Carol Jiani — Hit & Run Lover (Disco 4000 Edit) [Matra]
Retro/Grade — Zoid [Deconstruction]
Carol Jiani — Hit & Run Lover (Disco 4000 Edit Reprise) [Matra]
Retro/Grade — Escape Sequence (Intro) [Deconstruction]
Vandroid — Master & Slave (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
Étienne de Crécy — No Brain (Serge Santiago Remix) [Pixadelic]
The Rhythem Odyssey — Move Groove (Warehouse Mix) [Lipservice Records]
Sh*t Robot — I Found Love (Wild Geese Remix) [DFA]
Gino Soccio — Remember [Atlantic]
Retro/Grade — Escape Sequence (Album Version) [Deconstruction]
Boytronic — Bryllant [BCM]
Daft Punk — The Sun Of Flynn (X2) [Disney Records]
Black Devil Disco Club — The Devil In Us (SSUK- Edit) [Lo Recordings]
My Mine — Hypnotic Tango (Serge Santiago Edit) [Polydor]
Stephanie Mills & Witch Queen — You Can Get Over (Serge Santiago's Bang The Gong Dub) [RCA]
Tom Neville — Intergalactic Romantic (RGEM Edit) [No Label]
Retro/Grade — Reset [Deconstruction]
Bronski Beat — Small Town Boy (RGEM Reset Bootlegg) [ZYX]
Azari & III — Indigo (Serge Santiago's Rejected Remix) [Turbo]
[unknown] — Radio



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