2011. január 12., szerda

"Liquid Sky" by M-2K

Egy kis promo a Melonsound-tól is!


"Liquid Sky" by M-2K
Including a remix by Flatpack Jesus, Mark Lam, Astair Electro and Marc Ballum

Release date: 10th of January 2011
Official Press Release.pdf
Cat. no. MLN0008

MELONSOUND brings you a fresh new original track from M-2K. The original mix has a groovy house feel to it but with a twist of the good old days; getting you in a kind of nostalgic mood. The release also features remixes by the likes of Flatpack Jesus, Mark Lam, Astair Electro and Marc Ballum setting the bar high with some excellent remixes and widening the audience with a broad selection of styles.

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This release already got a lot of support from the likes of Oscar TG, King Jackal, A Girl & A Gun and Chris Di Stefano after the promos went out a couple of weeks ago.

Interview with M-2K on Noiseporn.com:

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