2010. december 9., csütörtök

Basement Jaxx...

Egyik nagy kedvencem, a Basemant Jaxx most megint nagyot húzott, és valami iszonyat csapatós lett ez a számuk... Csekk!

Brand new from BASEMENT JAXX, this is monstrous! The pair you know from their hits 15 years ago are as prolific as ever releasing new material – their latest is a dark, twisted slice of bowel-shaking vampire house. Grab it from iTunes.

Dracula - Basement Jaxx by Atlantic Jaxx Recordings

ATLANTIC JAXX RECORDINGS is the cult house music label established in1994 by Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, better known as Basement Jaxx. The tracks were only ever available on vinyl and have long been out of print until now. The seminal early Atlantic Jaxx EPs have been re-mastered and are now available digitally on iTunes. This includes the very first Basement Jaxx track entitled “Deep Inside Your Love” taken from the vinyl only EP1 recorded in a shoebox somewhere in SW9 in 1994. The back catalogue contains a host of vintage underground house nuggets, many available digitally for the first time.

Bonus download!
Deep Inside Your Love - Basement Jaxx by Atlantic Jaxx Recordings

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