2010. október 10., vasárnap

Filthy Rehab - 'The 12 Steps EP' (SKETCH RECORDS)

Ma egyetlen zene ajánlót kaptok tőlem, ami nem más, mint Filthy Rehab néhány nappal ezelőtt megjelent EP-je, melyen igen masszív electro trackek kaptak helyet. Sokat, nem írok róla, mert némi angoltudással a lényeget meg lehet érteni az angol nyelvű ajánlóból is.

Sketch Records is very proud to present 'The 12 Steps EP' from the mighty Filthy Rehab ! With over 50 releases under their belt since November last year, plays by Kissy Sell Out on Radio 1 and support from Lazy Rich, Will Bailey, Rico Tubbs and Luvstuff, these boys are on FIRE ! Already with 2 remixes released on Sketch, now is perfect timing for an EP !

Kicking off with the cleverly-named ' DisGo', FR work their production magic blending disco influences (see what they did there ?) with solid filthy bass to create a unique new flavour ! Uplifting, soulful & smooth vibes compliment effortlessly the rancid kicking bass - something very special indeed !
Getting the party well and truly pumping with the second track on this EP ('My Ami'), the boys jump it up staccato-style with some serious electro-scratch insanity ! Big, heavy production expertly supports this insistently wonky nod to the 'land of Vice' across the pond, so get yourself tooled up with this secret weapon !
Building on the 'tribal electro' feel established so far, 'Bounce' is a pounding, relentless dancefloor workout that demands attention - high synth plays devil's advocate to intense rhythmical toms, ensuring maximum energy... not for the faint-hearted !!!

3D Criminalz do their thing for Sketch once more, making audio mince meat out 'DisGo' – true crazy bass madness grabs hold, piling fist-first into 3-Dimensional beats... unmissable !!!!!

The Damn Bell Doors come knockin' next up, with a peak-time electro showstopper.... if robots mowed the lawn on speed, it would sound like this ! Irresistible surging power dominates completely, and following releases on Nu Style and Champion Beats, these guys are set to follow that lead !

Emerging talent Marc Ballum drops a truly crossover remix on this release, fusing trance elements with a big room electro sound to immense effect ! The louder the better with this one !

'The 12 Steps EP'
Filthy Rehab

(Remixes by 3D Criminalz, The Damn Bell Doors, Marc Ballum)


'The 12 Steps EP' Filthy Rehab (SKETCH RECORDS) by Sketch Records


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