2010. szeptember 28., kedd

Lightspeed Recordings Promo

Szintén egy kiadótól kaptunk Promo-s adagot, melyet nagy örömmel osztok meg Veletek! 

Feel Free/Töltsd le:

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, 7he Myriads are a trio of extraordinarily talented musicians who draw on a wide array of influences ranging from psyechedelic rock to hip-hop as well as a love of all things mysterious to produce an amazing soundscape of unique, uplifting & enchanting disco-flavoured music.
With the 2010 release of their album "«∞»" and a number of singles dating back to 2008, they have been gathering high-praise from bloggers & music-lovers alike and we are extremely honoured to present to you the first of 2 EP's from them on Lightspeed Recordings.
The title track, Running Man, takes it cue from the 80's with a mosaic of melodies that interplay together to create a captivating disco-odyssey which continually scales new heights & takes the listener on a spellbinding journey to another world. Traveller brings it back to Planet Earth with a playful & emotive feel-good, pop-influenced, nu-disco adventure while Night Tale aims straight for the dancefloor with another mesmerising, 80's-flavoured Euro-disco jewel.
Also included in this EP is a tough, driving remix of Running Man from French super-producer Oliver DAX (of the legendary Dax Riders) and a classy reworking of Traveller from fellow-Russian Moonoton (Permanent Vacation).
It's no understatement when we say that we have fallen completely in love with 7he Myriads and we expect you will too.


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