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Ismét hattalmas promókat kaptunk, a MartyParty-tól... A Dél-Afrikában születő és San Fransisco-ig eljutó zenész ígéretes zenéket küldött nekünk/Nektek! Angol májsztroknak itt van az élete is, akit érdekel, de igazából a zenén a lényeg!

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"...laser sharp" -URB Magazine
"deep bass drops and genera correcting tangents" -Consequence of Sound

As you may well know the electronic producer known as MartyParty has been slaying crowds all over the east and west coast. His complex style borrows from dubstep, hip-hop and trance to fuse the melodic contemplative insights he has against the deep bass of his current explorations.

Born and raised in South Africa, found his way to San Francisco 15 years ago as a software programmer. After discovering the music of the west coast and wanting to “Africanize” it, Marty picked up Ableton Live and began to learn the art of music production in 2007. He soon after released his first digital album "Walkerville to the West Coast", named for the town he grew up in and a tribute to his path to the US. Marty got tired of how all electronic music followed the same formula so he set off on a mission to re-invent electronic music and cross-pollinate it with all the other music he loves. Marty's production can best be defined as IDM based hip-hop for lack of a better term. Marty started a movement back towards the power of the melody and instrumental composition. ||||| Song writing has always been Marty's passion instead of the typical beat style dj production. The music is a hybrid of electronic music and hip hop that together forms a totally new flavor of urban beat with the pretty hypnotic elements of electronic music and hard-hitting bass. The MartyParty live performance is an intense journey that pulls together gorgeous instrumental, bass heavy songs, and overlays these with acapella and samples played live. The result is a true crunky and hyphy experience like no other. Marty has been playing his live sets to crowds all over the US. Marty partnered with Josh Mayer (Ooah) of the infamous Glitch Mob, to form PANTyRAiD. Signed to Marine Parade Records (http://www.marineparade.co.uk/), they produced and are releasing their debut album "The Sauce" in June 2009. This project has already received rave reviews and the combination of the two producers creates a truly unique sound.

MartyParty - Concerning the UFO sighting near Highland remix (Sufjan Stevens)
MartyParty - ShortyMartyParty - Infinity remix (The XX)


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