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Gypsy Woman Remixes

Tegnap érkezett egy levél, amelyben felhívták a figyelmünket egy friss remixpackra, amely éppen tegnap került fel a beatportra. Tristan Garner vs Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman című számának három friss remixéről van itt szó amelyeket valamivel lentebb hallgathattok meg. A levélben kaptunk még 2 interjút is Crystal Waters-el és Tristan Garner-el (kis angoltudás nemárt a megértéshez :P).



Gypsy Woman was your first smash hit, remind us how it all happened.

Gypsy was the first song I wrote for the Basement Boys. I was actually signed as a writer not a singer, but I really wanted to be the next Sade at the time!

The song is about a homeless woman I actually saw singing gospel songs for money. She was very well dressed, face full of make-up. I thought to myself, she's just being lazy, she needs to go get a job. Then I read an article about her in the local paper. She was a wonderful person who lost her job in retail. She kept herself looking nice to respect herself and the people she was asking money from, she really needed the money and not for alcohol or drugs. It really changed my mind about homeless people. It could happen to anyone.

It’s a record that’s never really gone away, which proves what a timeless dancefloor classic it really is, so what were your thoughts when approached about the new remixes on Slip N Slide?

Yes, Gypsy is called an "evergreen" in the business. I'm a very lucky girl. Well, someone remixes Gypsy every year if not twice. But they never reach the success of the original. when Tristian's came in I had my fingers crossed it would go big again, kinda like Robin S, ‘Show Me Love’. I still have them crossed!

What do you think about Tristan’s version and the new remixes?

Of the ones I've heard I think they are great. I just wish they would put the second verse in too!

What do you think about dance music today? How does it compare with the scene you broke into 20 years ago?

I love dance music today. For a while there it went in a direction I just wasn't feeling. I even refused to record to some of it – my manager was not happy – but now the tempo has settled into a nice groove and it's got it's soul back.

What are you up to in the coming weeks and months?

I'm always on tour and I'll be at the WMC in Miami later this month. I have couple of new releases coming out spring and summer and I'm working on the ‘Crystal Waters Project’ which is an album paring me with some of the world’s top DJs. If you’re in Ibiza this summer catch me hosting Duane Harden's party at the Blue Marlin. Last but not least, don't forget to tune into my station ClubheadsRadio.com you'll hear the best in dance music today, hand picked by me and interviews with the top artist and DJs from around the world.


Why Gypsy Woman and why now?

This track has been in my top 10 for ages now. As a DJ, it's the kind of anthem you can play everywhere and guarantee it will rock the floor.

What are your earliest/fondest personal memories of hearing the track?

I was only 5 years old when it was released for the first time, and this track always played an important role in my House Music culture and learning. All my current productions are really inspired by those classic tunes. I often think that at this time there were no sequencers, VST plug-ins or digital instruments. The tracks were simple but so catchy. A good beat, a bassline, some chords and a vocal – that's all. Today I try to be as close as this as I can.

How did you approach remixing such an iconic dance record?

You know, I'm a really studio geek. I love spending hours editing old tracks to fit into my DJ set. So last year my Gypsy Woman remix was first a mash-up. I cut some original parts and brought my personal touch – big beats and clubby synths. Three weeks later this mash-up began to be really wanted among the DJ community and over the net.

Big names like Laidback Luke and Axwell began to play it and reactions were huge as well. So my record label and I decided to send a mail to the legendary Crystal Waters... and guess what? She loved it! So we made it official.

What other ‘dream tracks’ would you love to have a go with?

Next month I'm gonna fulfil my second childhood dream, to make an official remix for ‘Dancin’ from masters Erick Morillo, Harry Choo Choo Romero and Jose Nunez. It's gonna be released in time for WMC, and be sure it's gonna be huge as well!

There are so many tracks I'd like to rework, from Marvin Gaye to Bob Sinclar, including house music legends like Lil Louis, Marshall Jefferson, Blaze…

How did your association with Slip N Slide come about?

You know today there are hundreds of records labels out there, but few "hit-makers" labels with a proper music culture and background. Slip N Slide is one of them, and it's an honour to work with them today.

What are you up to next?

Last month I've released a track called ‘Fuckin Down’ with my mate Gregori Klosman. It's a big underground track, signed on Joia Records and already played by Erick Morillo, David Guetta, Roger Sanchez and many more.

But today I’ve got hundreds of project coming – a new house tune for Miami, a mixed CD compilation for Wagram and Defected alongside Copyright, and many remixes for Erick Morillo, DBN, Antoine Clamaran, Michael Canitro, and a secret collaboration with my friend Abel Ramos, so stay tuned…

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